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Hack your life!

// #Hacking  is not a bad word, mmm’okay? :) Here is a small intro on hacking your daily routines to improve your #productivity  and enjoy more of what’s really important in #life! :) 

On being a productive creative

// Here’s an excellent speech by illustrator Victor Koen at this year’s TEDx Athens on harnessing your #productivity and #creativity. Some of the key concepts he explains:  – Work-day self-awareness: realize which hours of the day you work best on your various tasks– Separate your tasks to match your best performance during the day– Learn [Continue reading]

New year resolutions motivator: Lift for iOS

// As usual for this time of the year, you might be thinking about doing all those you always wanted to do like start reading more books or working out or even be a better person.  If you’re missing on #motivation , there’s (more than one actually) app for that. Following the recent trend of [Continue reading]

#Productivity #GTD :)

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